Karbon card works and acts like a bank card, powered by Mastercard. In fact, our cards are issued by regular banks - ICICI and State Bank of Mauritius.


A corporate credit card without any fixed deposits or personal guarantee.


Our entire process is digital and online. The entire onboarding can be completed in 10 minutes on our portal.


Startups with more than 25 lakh in cash can qualify for credit from the firm.


Card Issuance is hassle free. Customers can issue cards to employees in minutes on an online dashboard, set card limits dynamically, block merchants, reset pins, update contact details and many more. 


The card expense management is breeze with Karbon. We operate an expense management tool that lets startup founders analyze their company spends and make adjustments to their capital flows accordingly. Using Whatsapp or Karbon dashboard, you can quickly upload receipts or Invoices to the dashboard. 


A rewards program that includes discounts on everything from AWS, , We offer rewards on subscription software and a whole lot more!


We offer three types of card as per customer requirements. Standard, Booster and Cashback card.