If you are having a tough time convincing a merchant to stop recurring payments, it is possible to blacklist that merchant on your card. This is easy with Karbon Cards. You can block any merchant , any time, and in seconds.

 Follow these steps and your issue is resolved.

i)   Login to your Karbon Card Dashboard

ii)  Click on " Transactions" at the left hand side 

iii)  Click on the transaction that contains the merchant you want to block.

iv)  You will find the below screen. Click on the three dots at the top right corner and click Add to blacklist

Done. Going forward, the blocked merchant would never be able to charge your card.

You can get a full list of blocked merchants in your Settings.

i) Click Settings at the bottom left

ii) Click on the Merchant blacklist tab

To unblock a merchant, please do below.

1. Select the merchant from the Merchant Blacklist above

2. Click Remove from blacklist