How do I issue cards to my team members ?

Modified on Tue, 08 Nov 2022 at 05:01 PM

With Karboncards, issuing cards to employees is simple, fast and efficient. Also, you can monitor and control spends from your Dashboard. 

Below are the steps :
i) Login to your Dashboard

ii) Click on "Team" on left hand side of screen

iii) Click on "Invite User" on right corner
See the below screenshot for more details

There are 2 ways to invite your team

1- Via Email

2- Via Company Code

1) Enter the Email Address of your team member

  •  Select the role
  • Choose Member if you want to issue card to employee
  •  Select the Card type

    a. If you have a Cashback card and you want to issue Cashback card to your team member, then choose Cashback Card.

    b. If you want to issue a Standard or Booster Card, then choose Standard or Booster accordingly.

    See the below image for details

  • Select the network type Visa or Mastercard

  • If you just want to provide Dashboard access to your auditor or another team member with Admin access, then select the Admin role. 
  • You can also give Admin privileges without issuing a card to an Admin. To do that, just uncheck "Add a Card" option.

See the image below 

2- Via Company Code

Share the company code with your team to invite them to join your company

Credit Limit : Total allowed monthly spends of your team member

This will act as a credit limit for your team members. Let's say that you gave 10,000 credit limit to your team member, and your company credit limit is 1,00,000. In that case, the team member would be allowed to spend up to Rs. 10,000 every statement cycle ( typically a month ). He cannot spend more than 10,000 in a statement cycle even when you have available company's credit limit. Think of this way, you have a ton of money in your bank account but you set a limit to your son's card and he is not allowed to spend more than 10,000 every month. 

Transaction Limit : A single card transaction limit of your team member

Let's say that you set a transaction limit of 10,000 and credit limit of 50,000. In that case, you cannot do a transaction of 20,000, as it exceeds transaction limit of 10,000 even though your credit limit is 50,000.

After KYCs are submitted, our partner bank takes 3-5 working days to approve KYC and issue a card.

Below is the link for your team member to complete the card application.

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