My transaction on Standard card failed and I got a message from Karbon that transaction failed due to limit. What should I do ?

Modified on Tue, 15 Jun 2021 at 01:37 PM

We provide multiple controls to our card users. Due to this, we at Karbon had to decline transactions due to the rules set by your company. We decline card transactions only if your card transaction exceeds the company credit limit or the limits set by your card owner.

Let's diagnose this issue one-by-one.

a. Owner Card Transaction Failure -

i ) Failure due to remaining credit limit

Check the value of total available limit from dashboard ( image shown to understand that ). If this value is lower than the transaction amount, then the transaction failed to remaining credit limit on your card. 

As indicated in the above image, my available / remaining credit limit is only 33,097. In that case, any transaction above 33,097 would fail. 

If you want a higher credit limit, please click the + sign. 

ii ) Failure due to remaining card limit

Check available card limit on your card ( as shown in the image )

Every Standard card has a card limit, and all card transactions above available card limit would fail. 

Think of card limit as monthly limit assigned to a card. It is independent of your company's credit limit. Every card spend would decrease your available card limit, and this limit resets automatically on monthly basis at your card's due date.

As indicated in the above image, my available / remaining credit limit is only 20,000. In that case, any transaction above 20,000 would fail.

To fix this issue, please change the credit limit by doing below.

1. Click the card on which the card transaction failed

2. Click the Card Limit

3. Increase the Card Limit 

Alternatively, you can send an email at with a request to increase your card limit. 

iii ) Failure due to transaction limit or forex limit

Similarly to the above, all card transactions above transaction and forex limits will fail. Check your transaction limit and forex limit. 

To check your card transaction or forex limit, please click on the card, and then click Card Limit icon.

As indicated in the above image, my transaction limit is 10,000 and my forex limit is 100. In that case, any transaction above 10,000 would fail due to the transaction limit, and any transaction on a foreign merchant above 100 would fail due to forex limits.

To fix this issue, just change the transaction and forex limits in the above image, click Submit, and try again.

b. Member Card Transaction Failure -

Since card limits are set by Owner, they are unfortunately at mercy of Owners to make adjustment. 

The owner needs to then do below.

i. Check Available Company Credit Limit ( like step i above )

ii. Check Card Limit on your card ( like step ii above )

iii. Check transaction and forex limits of your card ( like step iii above )

Alternatively, please send an email to owner ( the main guy who invited you to Karbon Cards and sets limits ) and copy .

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