My transaction on Cashback card failed and I got a message from Karbon that transaction failed due to limit. What should I do ?

Modified on Sat, 22 May 2021 at 12:14 PM

We decline card transactions only if your card transaction exceeds balance or the transaction/forex limits.

Let's diagnose this issue one-by-one.

i ) Failure due to balance remaining

Check the value of balance from dashboard ( image shown to understand that ). If this value is lower than the transaction amount, then the transaction failed to remaining balance on your card. 

As indicated in the above image, my balance is only 10,000. In that case, any transaction above 10,000 would fail. 

If you want a higher balance, please click the Add Money button and follow the instructions. 

ii ) Failure due to transaction limit or forex limit

All card transactions above transaction and forex limits will fail. 

To check your card transaction or forex limit, please do below.

1. Click on the right Cashback card

2. Click Card Limit icon.

As indicated in the above image, my transaction limit is 500 and my forex limit is 100. In that case, any transaction above 1500 would fail due to the transaction limit, and any transaction on a foreign merchant above 100 would fail due to forex limits.

To fix this issue, just change the transaction and forex limits in the above image, click Submit, and try again.

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