Many of our customers want to give portal access to their external auditors or accountants, so that  auditors / accountants can view all card transactions and get transaction receipts from the Karbon Dashboard. To these individuals, the company does not want to issue cards but still have access. 

Below are the steps for the same.

i.  Login to Karbon dashboard

ii.  Click on Team ( left side ) 

iii. Click "Invite User" button ( top right )

iv. Enter the email address

v.  Select "Admin" Role

vi. Uncheck the "Issue a card to the invitee"

vii. Click Submit

viii. The person with the above email address would receive an email, and he would be able to login to Dashboard and see transactions.

ix. Refresh your dashboard and you would also see the new member in your team

If you get an error or face issues, please write us at