Below are the scenarios and expected TAT.

1. New Company 

If your company applied for Karbon card for the first time, then it would take anywhere from 5-7 working days  to issue you a card after all documents are submitted. We noticed that few customers do not provide all documents ( latest Bank Statements, FDs, and MFs, Financials, Card Application Process and bank details of NACH ) at the sign up process, and hence there is a delay in issuance of cards.

2. New Member Card

If your company has already been issued a card, then it takes 1-5 days to issue a card. If you used eKYC option to submit your KYCs, then it is usually done in 1-2 working days. If you used paper KYC route, then it takes 2-5 working days.

3. Add On Card 

If you want an Add-on card ( in addition to already issued card ), then the new card is usually issued in 1 working day. If you have a Cashback card and you applied for Standard card, please remember to submit Credit Card Application, Bank Statements, FDs and MFs statements indicating liquid cash balance, and bank details for NACH.