How do I apply for Karbon Card ?

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The entire online card application for Karbon cards can be completed in 15 minutes. If you face issues, reach us out at

Below are the steps with detailed instructions and screenshots.


Click on Signup button at the top right


Enter your phone number or email to start registration, and click Next

In the below image, I used my company's email to start registration. It helps. Please avoid using gmail or another free email for registration. 

If you do not have a email domain, we recommend that you get an email domain, and change the email address in Dashboard. 


Get the OTP sent to your email or phone number, and enter the OTP in the registration flow

In this example, I entered my email address in the registration page, so the OTP came to my email address. If I had used my phone number to initiate registration, then the OTP would have come to my phone number.


Choose the Card type, and click Apply

If your company is not profitable and your cash balance is below Rs. 2 Crores, then please choose Cashback card. It does not come with a credit limit, but it works like a credit card at both indian merchants and foreign merchants including Facebook, Google, Netflix, AWS and everywhere. You just need to top up the card to use. You would get up to 1% actual cashback on your entire monthly spends at the end of the month. 

The Standard card has additional document requirements than Cashback cards, and our customers, including CRED, Pharmeasy, use these cards to power their Ads on Google & Facebook, and multiple other recurring expenses. Trust us, it is better than most bank cards.


Enter the Company PAN and upload Company PAN, and click Next

I choose the Standard Card in this example, but the registration steps are similar to Cashback card.

We provide Standard Cards and Cashback cards to private limited companies and LLPs. We will later open Karbon Cards for proprietorships or partnerships. 

If you do not have company PAN, we are sorry. Your company does not qualify for Standard or Cashback cards at this stage.


Enter Additional Company Details and Click Next

Choose the Company Type

- Private Limited or LLP

Company Legal Name

- Enter the name registered at MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs )

Corporate Identity Number ( CIN )

- Enter the CIN present in your COI, or you can get the same details by searching your company in Zauba.


- Enter your GST number. If you do not have GST number yet, you can enter your CIN number here. Once you have your GST, please update us via email at .

Date of Incorproation

- Enter the date of your company's incorporation. This date can be found in your COI or MCA portal or Zauba.

Business Address 

- Enter the business address mentioned in MCA portal. This address could be later used for shipping the physical card. Fill the first line with the entire street and apartment address. Fill the second line with city, state, and pin code.

Mailing Address

- The mailing address is usually same as that of business address. For some companies, the business address represents their registered address in MCA, and their mailing address is where employees work at. If both are same, do check the box. 

Do not leave this NA. If need be, uncheck the box and check again.


Enter your personal PAN, and click Next

Enter PAN of card holder who would be using the card. Do not enter PAN of another person. It is a compliance issue, and we both would later face issues.

You might wonder why we are asking for personal PAN for corporate cards. Well, as per RBI regulations, each card needs to associated with an Indian citizen, and hence personal KYC details.


There are two options to share personal KYC.

i. Option 1 : eKYC - 

This option only works if your phone number is linked with your Aadhar Card. We recommend this option, as the card approvals are faster with this option and it is more secure.

a. Click on the UIDAI portal link -

b. Enter the Aadhar Number, Security Code, and click Send OTP

c. Enter password or Share Code

This will be used as a password for the KYC zip file that UIDAI will share with you.

d. Enter OTP sent to your phone

e. Click Download

f. Upload the zip file, enter the four digit share code you entered on UIDAI portal, and click Next

ii. Option 2 : Upload self attested Images of PAN and Aadhar Cards

a. If you are on eKYC registration page, click the link - Click Here 

b. Upload your self-attested PAN , enter your first and last name, enter your date of birth,  select your gender, and click Next


Your card application would be declined if you do not provide your self attested KYCs. Please enter all information carefully and double check values. The incorrect information would lead to delays.

c. Upload front and back of your Aadhar proof, enter the address mentioned in the address proof, and click Next

If you do not have Aadhar, you can upload Driver's license or Voter's ID card or Passport. 


Enter additional personal details - Mother's name, Fathers' name, mailing address, citizenship status, residential status, and occupation.

You might be wondering on why we are asking additional details here. RBI recently published new guidelines for card issuance for all banks, and we need to provide this information to Banks. I wish we could simplify this for you and not ask for unnecessary information. 


Enter your phone number/email for verification, and click Next

If you earlier entered your phone number at signup, you would be now asked to enter your email for verification

11. Enter the OTP received on your phone / email, and click Next

If you did not receive OTP, click resend to get the OTP


Share your financial data with the below steps, and click Next

For VC funded startups or not profitable companies, we use cash balance to decide credit limits, anywhere from 0.5 - 2% of the cash balance. 

For profitable companies, it is anywhere from 10 - 25% of annual profits. 

a. Upload your bank statements - If you have multiple bank accounts, please combine all files in a single PDF. If majority of your cash balance is in Fixed Deposits or Mutual Funds, kindly combine those files in a single file and upload that file. 

If you uploaded a single bank statement with closing balance below Rs. 2 Cr, then you might not qualify for a Standard card with a credit limit. You would be issued at Standard Card with a zero limit.

 b. Total cash balance - Think of this number as the number you would put in your balance sheet or provisional balance sheet. 

What is the number if you combine all liquid cash balance - current accounts, total balance in fixed deposits,  total balance in mutual funds , and any other investments. If you have taken overdraft or put lien on your FDs or MFs, kindly exclude that number from total cash balance. 

c. Last Year's profits - Put the Net profits from your last audited results here

If your financials for the last year are not yet audited, then please put the profits of the year before.

If you are not profitable, please add negative sign before the number. 

If you are a new company, then please put 0.

d. Monthly Card Spends - Put your current or expected monthly card spends in this field 

If your upcoming card spends would rise in the coming months due to increase in marketing spends or AWS spends, then please put that number.


Download and upload the Card Application Form, sign it, and upload it

a. Click on the link to download the form

b. Check all values one by one

c. Fill values on the last page and any other empty fields

We recommend or to fill the form. 

You can always print and fill the form

d. Put your digital image on the page 3, or print the form and paste your photo.

e. Sign the form digitally using DSC issued by MCA on page 2 and page 4

Apart from DSC, the other digital signatures are invalid.  


Put director's signature and director's seal on the page 2, and put card holder's signature on page 4

Kindly do not put try to copy/paste signature/seal from some other document. Your card  approval could be delayed due to this issue.

f. Check the filled form one more time - signatures on page 2 and page 4, all fields including empty ones on the page 4

g. Upload the filled form by clicking Upload button and selecting the filled form

If you printed the form, then scan the filled form and upload it.

i. Click Complete

You are done with card application. It would take 3-7 working days for us to approve a card limit and share with you.


The only remaining details we need are Bank A/c details for NACH setup and Financials Statements. For profitable companies, the financial statements are must to determine the credit limit.

Two Options:

1. Send the above information over email - Preferred and Faster Credit Limit Approval

Kindly send last audited financials and bank a/c number & IFSC via email to 

2. Wait for Standard Card Issuance and then upload the information in Karbon Dashboard - Takes more time

Below is the link to share the documents from Dashboard

Important Note :

If you could not complete the card application due to lack of time or  insufficient document/information, please logout and log back in later to complete the card application.

Disclaimer : 

The company KYC and personal KYC details in this article are used to explain how to apply for a card. These are not actual details of a person.

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