How do I set a limit for foreign transactions ?

Modified on Thu, 24 Jun 2021 at 05:17 PM

Our customers can set a transactions limit for all transactions in foreign currencies or forex transaction limit. If you are not planning to use the card on merchants outside India, then we suggest that we set the forex limit to 0. Kindly note that foreign transactions do not require OTP, and there is a small possiblity of fraud on foreign transactions.

Forex Limit : A single card transaction limit in USD or another currency of your team member

Let's say that you set a forex limit of 10,000. In that case, you cannot do a transaction of 20,000 n USD or any other foreign currency, as it exceeds forex limit of 10,000 even though your credit limit is 50,000. Unless specified otherwise, all transactions are INR.

Steps :

1. Login to Karbon dashboard

2. Click on the card icon ( Red, Ping and Violet )  

3. Click on the Card limit icon 

4. Set Forex limit to the desired amount

You can also set it to zero, so that the cards cannot be used on foreign merchants.

5. Click Submit

If you are the owner of all company cards and you want to set card limits to your team member's card, then go to All cards of any type, and select that card to change limits.


1. Go to "Show all cards" of the card type

2. Scroll down and select the card

3. Repeat the steps mentioned 

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