What is Chargeback ?

Modified on Fri, 25 Jun 2021 at 09:46 AM

Chargeback refers to a situation where you as the customer want a refund but the merchant has not sent a refund to our bank.

Let's say that you did a transaction on an online portal, and the merchant tells you that the transaction failed. You would need to do the transaction again, and this time the transaction works. In certain cases ( 1% of all transactions ), the merchant actually got the funds twice even though he told you the first transaction failed. Most big merchants in such cases send back to the amount they got in the first transaction. Some merchants do not, and it takes a lot of time to resolve such issues. With the help of mastercard, we request merchants to return back the funds for the first transaction. 

In such cases, kindly send an email to support@karboncard.com with the below details.

1. Name of Merchant

2. Date/Time of Transaction

3. Transaction Amount

4. Any proof that indicates that the first transaction failed

4. Any proof that indicates that the merchant have not received funds in his bank account

With the above information, we will reach out to the merchant via mastercard. It takes roughly 60-90 days to get funds back from merchants. The delay is primarily from the merchant on which you did the card transaction. Without adequate information that we requested above, we might not be able to get your refund or chargeback from the merchant on which we did the card transaction.

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