Booster Cards are right in the middle of Cashback and Standard cards. They provide credit of 1 working day, and the payment is deducted after one working day. For every card transaction, you get 0.2% cashback on your Booster cards.

Let's understand this via an example. Let's assume that you did a card transaction of Rs. 100 on your Booster card on January, 2, 2021. In that case, we at Karbon would automatically deduct Rs. 100 via NACH/ECS from your bank account on Jaunary, 3, 2021. 

In this example, I assume that the January, 2, 2021 is a working day, and January, 3, 2021 is also a working day. If the next working day is a bank holiday, then the funds would be deducted on the next working day after the bank holidays. Please note that Sundays and few Saturdays are considered bank holidays.