To get higher cashback, we suggest customers to switch to Cashback cards where you can top up and use the card or switch to Booster cards that provide both credit and cashback. 


Option 1 - Cashback Cards

Below are the cashback rates as per card spends.

The cashback calculations are similar to how we calculate income tax.

Let's say that you spent Rs. 55 Lakhs on card. Your cashback would be sum of below.

1. Rs. 2,500   - 0.5% on 5 L 

2. Rs. 9,000    - 0.6% on 15 L

3. Rs.  21,000  - 0.7% on 30 L

4. Rs.  4,000  - 0.8% on 5 L


Apply for Booster card and get 0.2% cashback

The process to apply for Booster card is similar to Standard card. Kindly go to the below link and apply for booster card.