The Refund and Return procedure is imposed by the Company to establish orderly method when requesting or filing for a refund of payments conducted through bank transfer or credit card. 


  • If the card transaction was debited successfully but for various reasons was not settled then the funds will be refunded between 3/10 Business days.

  • If the transaction is a domestic transaction it takes 3/5days for the transaction to be refunded.

  • If the transaction is an international transaction it takes 10/15 days for the transaction to be refunded.

  • If the transaction was successfully settled the chargeback process is initiated. For the master card it takes 45 calendar days and for Visa it takes 30 calendar days.

  • the complete refund process takes 60 calendar days from the reported date till the dispute is settled 

  • If the refund is processed by the merchant It takes 5 business days for the customer to receive the refund from the date of transaction

  • If the merchant is not willing to provide the refund, we have to report this with a master-card or Visa to get a refund. It takes about 60 days for the transaction to be refunded from the date of transaction.

  • the claim can roll on the customers favor or the merchant’s favor

Note:  The above mentioned timelines and procedures differ depending on the type of transactions and response for the Merchant as well as the customer.