We have not enabled payout via standard cards. If you want this feature to be enabled on your standard card please drop us an email on support@karboncard.com .

There are certain terms and conditions to enable payout for standard card-

  • We will do credit evaluation for payout product to enable this feature.
  • We can provide 10% to 100% of your Standard card limit for payout. (terms and conditions apply)

There are some charges associated with using payout feature for the Standard card

  • You will be charged 1.75% plus GST per transaction
  • No cashback is available on Standard card.

Let's say you make the transaction for INR 10,000. In that case you will be charged for INR 206.5

1.75% of INR 10,000 = INR 175

18% GST on INR 175 = INR 31.5

Total= INR 206.5