Simple troubleshooting steps for Foreign Manual Payment.

Step 1 - Login to the link provided by the merchant


Step 2 - Add the card details and click on Pay Now button

Step 3 - If the transaction fails then 

Step 4 - Clear your browsing history and all cache for the last 24hrs

Step 5 - Once the deletion is complete kindly close the webpage and try again on a new tab

Step 6 - Add your card details and try the transaction again it should work.

Please Note: These steps may seem rather simple in nature but these steps have helped us resolve some foreign transaction issues and we have tested this out on our own subscriptions and they have been successful.

The transaction may fail the first time after this step kindly give 15-20 mins and try again.

Kindly do follow these simple steps and complete the payment process. In case this doesn’t work then write to us at and we will investigate further.


Team Karbon