Many of you will be concerned about the tentative surcharge that is being charged on the card. Tentative surcharge as the name suggests is a temporary surcharge being levied but not the final surcharge 

charged for the transaction.


To know more about Surcharge, please go through the article by clicking the link What is Surcharge ? 


In most cases, when a merchant charges a surcharge on the transaction it is debited on the same day along with the transaction, but for a few merchants the same takes between 1 to 2 weeks. Karbon was paying the surcharge on behalf of customers , where there was no balance available on the customers' card to debit the surcharge when levied by the merchant. 


In order to correct this practice, Karbon is charging a tentative surcharge of 2% upfront for this category of merchant transactions. 

The difference will be either debited or credited to the customers account within 2 days of the final surcharge being levied.


An Example on How it works ?


Let's say you made a transaction of INR 10,000 on a Merchant . Karbon will charge a standard  2% (INR 200) tentative surcharge on that amount . 


When the actual surcharge is confirmed the same will be adjusted.


Let's say the actual surcharge was only 1% . In that case INR 100 or 1% will be credited back to your account.


But if the actual surcharge was more than 2% let's say 3% then 1% will be debited from the account.

In that case INR 100 will be debited from the customers. account