What is Card credit limit?

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Card credit Limit:

This will act as a spending limit set on your card.


Let's say that you gave a 10,000 credit limit to your team member, and your company credit limit is 1,00,000. In that case, the team member would be allowed to spend up to Rs. 10,000 every statement cycle ( typically a month ). He cannot spend more than 10,000 in a statement cycle even when you have available company's credit limit. Think of it this way, you have a ton of money in your bank account but you set a limit on your son's card and he is not allowed to spend more than 10,000 every month. 

The card credit limit is set by the owner/admin of the dashboard and it can be set to any amount ( more than the company available limit) however you can make the transaction equivalent to the company credit limit ( if the card limit is higher than the company limit) from the company credit limit. If you want to use your card for transactions higher than the company limit in a credit cycle you can add funds to the card and use the card up to the card limit.

Let's say your company limit is INR 10,000 and your card limit is INR 1,00,000 You can make the transaction up to INR 10,000 using the company limit but if you want to make the transaction for INR 20,000 you can add INR 10,000 in the card which will increase the company limit to INR 20,000 and you can make the transaction.

If you are the owner of all company cards and you want to set card limits to your team member's card, then go to Teams on your Dashboard, and select that card to change limits.


1. Go to "teams" on your dashboard

2. Scroll down and select the name of the team member to set card limits 

3. Select the card 

4. Click on Limits

Set the limits and submit

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