How can I link my current account with Karbon portal?

Modified on Tue, 27 Dec 2022 at 01:20 PM

Being a startup we are coming up with new products and new features to fulfill the needs of our clients and make their journey hassle-free and smooth with Karbon.

This time we introduced connected banking on Karbon portal. Connected banking is available only for ICICI bank current  account holder for now. In future it will be available for other banks also.

If you are an ICICI bank current account holder you can link your account on Karbon portal by following the steps mentioned below-

ICICI Connected Banking on Karbon Portal

1. ICICI Account Linking/ Registration on Karbon Portal

a) Go To the left menu, Select Account , click Current Account.

b) Click on the Link current account button.

c) Select ‘YES’ on pop up.

d) Enter User id, Corp Id , Account Number and Alias name(If created on ICICI


e) Click Next

f) Agree Terms and Conditions

Self Approval on ICICI Portal

Once user have completed the above steps, Please visit ICICI Corporate Banking portal and approve one time self approval for linking bank account. 

2. Balance check, Self Approval Status and Transactions


Once self approval is completed, User can use a linked account for Balance check , Fund Transfer and statement fetch. 

Linked account will be visible as shown in below screenshot with Green tick , If account linking request is not self approved on ICICI portal, Account will appear with Red cross tick and user can not use this account for any activity.

a) Self Approval Status:- To check the status of self approval click on the Refresh? button below your account number. 

b) Balance Check:- Once self approval is done Click on the Refresh? button to fetch the latest balance in your current account. 

c) Fund Transfer :- Click on Payment Button on the right side of Current Account Dashboard, Fund Transfer page will appear in front of user. 

Select Debit account using Pay From option 

Select or Create Beneficiary for transferring the Fund. 

Enter Amount 

Select Payment Mode(NEFT,RTGS,IMPS, IFT) 

Click Submit User will receive an OTP on his registered mobile number with ICICI. Input OTP and click submit. 


d) Payment Request Authorization

Once payment has been initiated from Karbon Portal, That Transaction will appear on

Karbon Current account dashboard with Pending For Approval Status.

Checker/Authorizer have to visit ICICI corporate banking portal with their user id and

approve this transaction.

3. Transaction History

Transaction history is available on Current Account Dashboard, Users can check all

credit/Debit transactions on this page along with Debit transactions status.

a) Different Type of Status for debit transactions:-

1. Success- Transaction is proceed successfully

2. Pending for Approval- Checker approval is pending on ICICI CIB Portal

3. Failed - Failed due to wrong account details/RBI end/ Beneficiary Banks

4. Rejected- Checker have rejected the transaction on ICICI CIB Portal

b) Users can filter transactions on the basis of Transaction Status, Date range and Beneficiary Name

c) Fetch latest Transaction Status and Report- Download By clicking on Refresh Button next to the download button user can fetch the latest transaction status. If transaction is approved on ICICI portal by Checker, UTR number will get generated and displayed on UTR column.


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