Reasons to use Karbon Card for your Business

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Table of context:
  1. Corporate card

  2. Realtime changes

  3. Whatsapp and e-mail notification

  4. Blacklist or Whitelist

  5. Smart transaction

  6. Multiple checkers and makers

  7. Reduction of errors in adding beneficiary 

  8. Alternative OTP

Corporate card

Corporate credit cards enable clients to standardize their business expenditures. Karbon corporate cards are designed in three
different types, clients can use Standard card, Cashback card and Booster cards. The selection of these cards depends upon the 
company's capabilities and requirements.
  1. Standard card: Standard card is a corporate credit card with a 30-day billing cycle. Customers are obliged to pay back
          the credit within a three-day statement window. Hence, the card is also known as 30 day-card. NACH will be triggered 
          immediately following the billing cycle, and repayment will occur after the statement window. The clients can avail of 
        up to INR.20Cr credits and there will be no cashback on standard cards
       2. Cashback card: The term "cashback" itself says that the clients can avail the cashback using a Cashback card. 
          This card operates as a debit card and clients can use karbon cashback card through the top-up method.
        The cashback rate depends on the volume of transactions that the client has made within the given time.
    3.Booster card: Booster card is a hybrid card that acts as a cashback card and a corporate credit card. Clients can avail of the 
      credits without any limitation and the billing process is 24 hours only. Hence, the booster card is also known as the 1-day 
      card. After the billing window, NACH is used for the pay-back mechanism. This card is beneficial for companies that deal
      with numerous transactions every day. A client can get up to 0.2% cashback on Booster cards.VISA, Master card, and
      RuPay are the payment getaways that clients can use to make payments with Karbon.

Realtime changes

The user of the corporate credit card must abide by the transaction restrictions. However, there are several instances 
when the user may need to increase the limitation. At that stage, the card's issuer can modify the credit card limits 
via the Karbon interface. This will decrease laborious paperwork. The card gets quickly updated in real time when the user 
makes changes to the credit limits.

Whatsapp and e-mail notification

Karbon has a unique feature of keeping its clients engaged through Whatsapp and Email notifications. When the client
makes payments to their vendor via Karbon business card, the transaction details get notified to the client and their vendor.
Both parties can now see accurate payment information on Whasapp and Email. This helps with easy tracking of 
transactions through smartphones.

Blacklist or Whitelist

Clients can now terminate their unnecessary transactions by blacklisting, a function that is exclusively available on 
Karbon card. The majority of businesses implement an autorenewal of payment options for their digital service providers.
Occasionally these payments are made even when the services are not being used. In such circumstances, the clients might
 place their vendors on a blacklist to prohibit money from leaking out. In order to re-initiate their transactions with the same 
vendor, customers can add the merchants to their whitelist.

  1. Smart transaction

Often the payouts get delayed for days due to technical issues. This becomes a huge task for clients and their vendors to 
wait for the process to finish. Hence, instant payment is another exclusive feature of Karbon Card that allows clients to make
hassle-free payouts 24*7 via smart transactions. For smart transactions, the server selects the transaction mechanism on its
own to settle payments quickly. What if customers want to send a sizable payment to a single vendor but the server is down? 
Karbon has a quick and unique solution. The huge payment gets divided into multiple payments automatically and clients 
can now easily clear the transaction. This will reduce the waiting period for payment clearance. IMPS, NEFT and RTGS  are 
the various methods of payout transfer

Multiple checkers and makers

A company will usually have only one checker and one maker, but Karbon provides multiple checkers and makers options.
For instance, your checkers and makers can not go through financial activities when they are on leave or on a business trip. 
Will your vendors wait for payments? An exclusive feature of Karbon always helps you to clear the payments quickly. 
The company may have more than one maker. In this case, transactions may be initiated by multiple makers without 
placing an undue load on the sole maker. The alternate checker can approve the invoices if the primary checker is unable 
to do so, and the transaction won't be delayed.

Reduction of errors in adding beneficiary 

Error detection is a distinctive feature of Karbon card that enables our clients to manage payouts to their beneficiaries 
without mishaps. While making payments, the transaction information must always be precise and accurate. The entire 
process gets stalled if the recipients' data contains inaccuracies. In such circumstances, the entire data is erased and you 
must repeat the entire procedure without knowing the specific error. But, Customers of Karbon do not have to go through 
the laborious process of redoing all of the data. If there are any problems with the transactional information, the individual
 error is marked and can be corrected right away in the dashboard without changing the data as a whole.

Alternative OTP

The financial affairs of a company are always controlled by the finance managers. Hence, he/she will be the recipient of the 
digital transaction OTPs. What if the finance manager is on leave or occupied with other tasks to approve the transactions? 
Well, Karbon always has a solution. The authorizer can grant permission to an alternative recipient to receive OTP. 
Now the authorizer and alternative recipient will get the OTP via email and WhatsApp. This will help to clear the bills without
 any delay.


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