Guide on ICICI-connected banking on the Karbon portal

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Connected banking is a brand new feature of Karbon Business, designed to enrich the banking experience for clients. Right
now Connected Banking is available only for ICICI Bank current account holders and in the future, it will be available for other
banks. The integrated banking ecosystem facilitates excellent banking that does not require expensive infrastructure. From the 
onboarding procedure to curating the statements, everything is conducted online. 

To stay ahead in the digital banking era, Karbon card has enabled its clients to streamline their Fund Transfer, Balance Check, 
and Statement download without visiting the ICICI physically. The Portal also amplifies operational efficiency and users can 
extract customized transaction reports on their computers or smartphones.

The added benefit of ICICI connected banking is, clients can easily avail 10% of extra credit limits on their current account. The 
credit onboarding procedure is simpler on Karbon, since connected banking has made it easy to access the client's transaction 

Key attributes of ICICI-connected banking on Karbon portal are: 

  1. Streamlined and intuitive services

         Clients can transfer funds, track all the transactions and download statements from the Karbon dashboard without visiting
         the ICICI corporate banking portal. Users can also top-up K-Account, Standard Card, Cashback using ICICI connected 
        banking on Karbon Portal. 
  1. Customers are in control over their own data.

        Users can generate consolidated statements for current account in multiple formats such as XL and PDF. The vital feature of
        connected banking is, the clients can extract customized Pending, Successful, Failed and Rejected transaction reports for 
smooth reconciliation. 
  1. Single transaction interface for all banking and accounting services

      Connected banking has simplified the transaction interface and clients can handle their current account, Payout, Credit cards,
        Invoice Management, Payroll on one platform.

How to get registered/link ICICI current account to Karbon?

  • The seamless process of digital onboarding is a time saver for clients. Users integrate their current account on the Karbon 

            portal by submitting their account details.

  • Users have to self approve the process on ICICI Corporate Banking portal to link their account with Karbon.

  • Now the user can access the linked account to check their balance, Fund transfer and to fetch statements.

  • If the process is not self approved, the account will appear with red cross tick and users can not access the karbon portal for

           banking operations. 

  • Check FAQs given below for further details.



Connected banking's key focus is to make the most of digital advancement that is available. Companies may modify their banking
 experience without installing any additional infrastructure because everything can be managed in one UX UI. This enables the 
banking sector to uplift the user experience and meet their requirements with innovative features.


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