Karbon Payroll Management is a boon to HR

Modified on Fri, 24 Feb 2023 at 02:20 PM

According to a SCORE survey, business owners spend over 41 hours each year on payroll management. Hence, Human 
Resources plays a crucial role and their task is not simple.

Manual operations can be overwhelming and make it impossible to track all payments and tax updates regularly. The 
task of tracking the salary structure and bank accounts of different employees is particularly onerous.

But now, the good news is that Karbon Payroll can make payroll hassle-free, quick, and more organized.

How Karbon Payroll is a boon to HR?

Karbon Payroll is a dedicated platform enabling HR to handle payroll efficiently. This integrated interface has an automated
template to save all the necessary data, such as beneficiary data and salary data. It also offers easy access to bulk transactions
for the admins and owners.

1. Time saver: You need not juggle many platforms and excel sheets. Karbon's integrated interface will save you time.

    The automated template will take care of all the data and run the payroll within a jiffy.

2. Error-free: Karbon handles accurate payroll and avoids human errors. The dedicated interface rectifies the mistakes

    in data. And you need not change the entire spreadsheet.

3. Secured data: Karbon ensures encryption of the data and saves it securely. The Maker-Checker option is included in the

    payroll function, and only these two can access the uploaded data. 

4. Cost-effective: Karbon Payroll platform will save money on manual payroll processing. Additionally, control payroll and

  increase your returns.

5. Customer support: Karbon provides strong customer support in case of complexities or interruptions in the payroll. 

    You'll receive a prompt response and expert suggestions to proceed further.

Seek help when you need it!


If you are running SMEs or working in HR at an established company, Karbon payroll will help you in the systematic mapping of 
the workforce. An added perk of switching to Karbon payroll is the reduction in the usage of paper. With digital modes of 
operation, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your company. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our Payroll platform, fill out this form today!

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