SBM Bank ReKYC - What is the Process?

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Please go through each section which is part of the ReKYC flow with specific instructions detailed below:

1) CIF Number : The CIF number full form is Customer Information File number assigned by the bank to an individual as per Bank's records.

2) Consent Form : 

a) Please provide your consent for Aadhaar, CKYC, Credit Bureau and to reinitiate ReKYC as it is mandatory.

b) PEP Consent : Please tick as applicable your PEP status in case your a Politically Exposed Person or your relatives or close associates are PEP or None of the above 2 options apply.

3) FATCA - CRS Declaration : Common Reporting Standards (CRS) are global level uniform standards across various countries which obligates every country to automtically exchange financial information.

Please select your residential status and then fill the rest of the details as indicated in the flow. 

a) Tax identification Number will be your PAN number

b) For Identification Type, please type "PAN"

c) Please put your country and address of your residence.

4) Card Details :  Once you proceed ahead from the consent form and declaration, the ReKYC flow will start by entering card details. 

a) Please enter the card number

b) To verify the card, OTP will be sent to your registered email id with Karbon

c) Once OTP is verified, personal details will appear. Please verify and proceed ahead.

5) Profile Details : Please note every field is mandatory and kindly fill the personal and employment details as per the requirements.

6) PAN Verification : Once the profile tab is completed, the system will fetch your name as per PAN database (Income Tax Department). 

a) The name of the card holder and in PAN database has to match by upto 80%. In case of mismatch message shown, please contact for assistance.

b) In case the name matches, you will be proceed further to CKCY section.

7)  CKYC Verification : In this section your Central KYC records maintained by CERSAI are fetched from your PAN number and shown in the screen for confirmation if the details are true. Please check the tick box and proceed further to Aadhaar Verification. 

In case, your CKYC records are not fetched due to unavailability of your CKYC record or name mismatch, please contact for assistance.

8) Aadhaar Verification : 

a) Please enter your Aadhaar number.

b) OTP will be sent to mobile number registered with Aadhaar Authority (UIDAI)

c) Please enter OTP to verify the Aadhaar details.

d) Once the OTP is verified, please confirm the details and proceed ahead. 

e) If the Aadhaar name matches as per PAN by upto 80%, then you will move to Face Verification section.

Please note, the name in Aadhaar has to match with name as per PAN by upto 80%. If there is mismatch, please contact for assistance

9) Face Verification : Please allow the ReKYC system to access your Laptop's / Desktop's Camera to take selfie. ReKYC system will do liveliness check and match your photo as per your KYC records by upto 80%, hence please take a clear Selfie.

In case Liveliness match fails, please contact for assistance.

10) Bank Account Verification : 

a) Please enter your Name, Account Number (Confirm the number again) and IFSC Code.

b) Please note, the name in your bank records has to match with your name as per CKYC records. If there is mismatch, please contact for assistance

c) ReKYC system will do a penny drop verification, where it will credit Rs 1 and debit the same to ensure the bank account belongs to the person of the KYC holder.

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