What are Corporate CIF statuses and what do they mean?

Modified on Fri, 23 Jun 2023 at 06:24 PM

The term "Corporate Information File" CIF typically refers to a collection of documents and records that contain important information about a company.

CIF number is a unique number the banks assign to each company. This number is a part of the digital file–CIF, it serves as a centralized repository of various materials related to the organization.

Based on the documents submitted at the time of onboarding, the status will be updated accordingly.

We list different type of status below for your reference for easy understanding-

  • ·CIF Created:

 Once the Full set of Corporate KYC documents are collected  and validated by the bank, the CIF will be created. No further action is required.


  • Under Process at Bank for CIF:


The full set of Corporate KYC document are successfully submitted to the bank and are under Process at Bank for CIF creation.

 No action required.

  • Under Process at Ops:    


The full set of Corporate KYC documents are successfully collected and are under verification with Karbon compliance team to process CIF creation with the bank.

No action required.



  • · Pending documents from customer: 


The full set of documents are not received. The pending documents have to be submitted to process the CIF creation.

Action Required from customer.


  • · Pending bank query from customer: 


Full set of documents are shared with bank and bank raised a query on a specific document, and requested additional information and documentation which are pending from customer hence the status is Pending bank query from customer. 

Action required from customer.

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